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The state-of-the-art partnership will allow customers to combine the prowess of VSocial and 20/Twenty all on one dashboard


Singapore, 2016-Oct-04 — Circus Social, a leading social data analytics company in Asia, announced today a groundbreaking product integration with Vocanic, Asia’s largest full service social media marketing agency offering customers a full suite of social media management capabilities.

This collaboration allows clients to enjoy the best of Circus Social’s 20/Twenty, a next-generation social intelligence platform, and Vocanic’s VSocial, an enterprise social media marketing suite, all under one roof and on either of platforms.

Customers of both platforms now have the chance to listen to and analyse powerful social and news data through 20/Twenty, and use VSocial’s superior publishing features to publish and manage their social presence.

“We are excited about the opportunities this integration will present to clients,” Shreeniwas Iyer, CEO at Vocanic, said. “This enables clients to enjoy a platform that goes across the social spectrum, including listening, proactivity, publishing, engagement and Social CRM. Circus Social has a wonderful product that greatly compliments the capabilities of VSocial. We are delighted about the prospect of accessing new markets and prospective clients through this partnership with Circus Social.”

Ram Bhamidi, CEO at Circus Social, added: “This partnership is unique because it leverages on the social intelligence and data analytics capabilities of Circus Social as well as the publishing and collaboration features of VSocial. This means we now have joint big data capabilities to create really compelling offers for customers of both companies.”

Some of the innovative new features include a full social CRM capability that allows brands to search for and track their customers in real-time through ‘Listen in Social & Key Opinion Leaders’, store details and interaction histories in the Data Warehouse, and schedule content optimized for them through learnings from the Social & Behavioural Profile Insights tool.

About Circus Social Pte. Ltd

Circus Social is a social data analytics company that specializes in digital & social intelligence and analytics platforms. With offices in Singapore and Bangalore, India, Circus Social offers a full suite of social analytics services, including but not limited to, social media & digital listening and monitoring, analytics and reporting, and social intelligence and predictive technology.

Our solutions include:

20/Twenty: 20/Twenty is the world’s most comprehensive social intelligence platform that helps marketers make better business decisions by collecting, augmenting and integrating social, online, offline and premium News with Dow Jones Factiva, on one easy-to-use platform.
Beacon: our proprietary predictive algorithm that allows brands to spot and predict crises, leads and queries.

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About Vocanic

Vocanic, founded in 2005, is Asia’s leading business focused on Social Media. With capabilities in Strategy, Digital Solutions and Creative, Singapore headquartered Vocanic has offices in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. Operating under the GroupM umbrella, Vocanic can roll out regional programs with on the ground support for each major market.

VOCANIC supports clients to develop and implement strategies that deliver measurable business benefits. Offering services in Social Media Asset Management, Social CRM and Social Media Crisis Management, VOCANIC develops custom branded content designed especially for the social era.

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Custom Applications

custom-applicationsHaving designed, built and deployed many 100s of online activations we have the design know how and technical expertise to ensure your programs get the best possible results.

Vocanic’s software developers can build custom social and socially connected applications to help deliver your business objectives.

Scalable and designed to meet stringent quality, reliability and security requirements of blue chip clients, Vocanic’s applications can integrate in real time with your internal systems if needed.


Platform Technologies

vsocialVSOCIAL – The Enterprise Social Media Control Centre

Vocanic’s proprietary VSOCIAL is an enterprise strength Social Media Control Centre, it allows your brand to
-          manage your brand’s conversation with its audience
-          acquire, analyse and use Social Profile Data

Managing Your Brand’s Conversations
VSOCIAL manages all your social presences (eg Facebook pages, Twitter etc)  by bringing all fan-to-brand conversations into a single, easy to use and manage conversation stream.

VSOCIAL builds a data warehouse of the conversation, giving brands the security of “owning” the conversation history rather than leaving it scattered and fragmented on other platforms and with external 3rd parties (in the case of outsourced community management).

Community Management & Social Customer Support
With VSOCIAL, individuals and teams can work together to manage the conversation stream, drafting and posting responses, assigning queries to subject matter experts and managing a conversation from creation to closure.

All interactions are time stamped and tracked with an audit trail for full reporting and analytics.  This allows line managers to monitor at both brand level and at individual community manager and customer service operator.

Reporting tools reveal the performance to ensure that brands can manage the achievement of agreed SLAs such as time to first response and time to closure.

For content creators, VSOCIAL allows the management of a content calendar from creation to post in real-time, status updates, photos, links, and videos.

Acquire, analyse and use Social Profile Data
Over 1 billion people have created profiles on Social Media.  They populate these profiles with detailed (and mostly truthful) information about themselves and keep this up-to-date by updating their profiles frequently, often daily. This profile information is a vast & rich resource available to marketers to know the people that make up their market to a depth never previously possible.

Vocanic’s Social Applications (and 3rd party apps via an API) acquire permission from a user to allow the Social Media site to transfer to VSOCIAL that persons social profile and related data.

VSOCIAL captures that information, structures it for analysis and stores its safely in its Data Warehouse.

This Data Warehouse is then presented via the Social & Behavioural Profile Insights tool in VSOCIAL.

Social Profile and Behaviour Insights
VSOCIAL provides simple to use analytical tools that provide you unique and valuable insights on the social profile and behaviour of your fan base & customers, simply put the Social Graph data of the people that are most important to your brand.

VSOCIAL Social & Behaviour insights offers you the opportunity to know each fan, or customer both as an individual level, and aggregated to a segment, brand and company level

-          who they are
-          their contact information
-          what they like
-          who they know
-          what they watch and listen to
-          where they go/frequent
-          the level and frequency of engagement with your brand
-          what portfolio of your brands do they engage with
-          etc


Mission Control

missioncontrolWith the increasing movement to real time marketing, real time information display is becoming more important. Mission Control puts all your key real-time information up on display, including:
-          Inbound conversation statistics and their handling
-          Post engagement and reach
-          Geographic distribution
-          Conversation Ticker
-          Conversation Themes


Social CRM & Social Loyalty

Social-CRM-&-Social-LoyaltyEither through a traditional CRM system or through a Loyalty system, many brands have transactional information about their customers; and are able to reward customers, but only based on a single behaviour–purchase.

VSOCIAL can be integrated to these traditional systems allowing the brand’s data about a customer to be integrated with their social profile and behavioural data.  This opens a world of possibilities such as:
-          Identifying groups of people with similar Social and behavioural profiles to be analysed from a product purchase perspective
-          Identifying customer segments (eg frequent purchasers, high value groups, people due for re-contract/renewal) to be analysed from a social and behavioural profile perspective

Further Vocanic can build/extend a loyalty program into Social allowing new opportunities such as:
-          Loyalty membership acquisition through social
-          Reward additional valuable behaviour (participation, recommendation, Socialised MGM, physical attendance (see OFR)  etc)
-          More convenient access and management of rewards/redemption


Single Social Sign On

singlesocialsignonVocanic’s Single Social Sign On is a technology layer that allows a brand’s web presence (eg websites and microsites) to be integrated with their Social Media, and to offer more convenient registration and “log-in” using their social media credentials.

Web visitors can be
-          Acquired as fans and their data populated into VSOCIAL
-          Known as individuals rather than just by machine, OS and browser type
-          Shown personalised content based on their social profile data



QFROffline Fan Recognition solves the problem of connecting the people your brand interacts with online in Social with the people that turn up at your events and at your retail locations.

Using any of a number of identification tokens such as
-          QR Codes
-          RFID
-          NFC

OFR connects their identification token with their Social Identity and then provides the technology (scanners, RFID/NFC tap stations) to recognise them at your physical location.

Engagement stations can then be deployed to capture content such as photos, videos etc, which is then automatically posted in real time to the person’s Social Profiles.

This extends the reach of your event/activation to the social circle of each of your attendees, and is presented as coming from them rather than from the brand’s page. With each participant, having on average between 200-500 friend,s your event and its key images and messages can now have significantly higher reach for little extra cost.


Social RSVP

social-RSVPSocial Media is the ideal venue for running the promotion and invitation of participants to an event.  It creates awareness and by making it easy for people to promote your event to their friends allows you to reach beyond the audience you already know.

Social RSVP is integrated with VSOCIAL allowing you to collect the Social Profile and Behavioural Data for those that respond, giving you the opportunity to screen and select those who receive the final invitation based on detailed information to allow you to ensure you have exactly the audience you want at the event.

Social RSVP integrates with O>F>R which will allow you to recognise and engage participants “on the ground” as well as in Social Media.

Groundswell – Influencer Identification
In every category there is a group of people who have an extraordinary ability to influence the opinion and behaviour of the market.  Often making up just 10% of the market, these people lead the remaining 90%. Not celebrities nor people who have influence because of their position, these people are simply influential consumers, and as such, their recommendations drive action because of the trust and reach they hold.

Vocanic’s Groundswell technology identifies these people in your fan base at scale, once identified we build a program designed to give them carefully crafts brand stories, activations and triggers for conversation.  By activating large numbers of these Influencers not only is the volume and reach amplified, it also increases the likelihood of any individual hearing consistent recommendations from multiple people … creating the “they say X” effect which can dramatically change opinion and drive action.



idxCrowdsourcing is an important opportunity for brands today; co-creating with your consumers is a powerful way to tap into their knowledge and creativity.

iDX supports crowdsourcing in many forms
-          for ideas
-          for graphic content
-          for video content

iDX is a flexible platform that provides the functionality to manage the whole crowdsourcing initiative
-          Submission (ideas, images, videos)
-          Monitoring (pre & post moderation is supported)
-          Member to member recruitment
-          Display
-          Voting
-          Analysis

VOC Survey

VOCNeed to quickly and cost effectively get insight on a specific topic, the VOC Survey platform allows you to easily deploy a survey to your audience and gather results.

The VOC Survey platform provides

-          An attractive and engaging experience for users

-          The Dynamic Multiple Choice Question Type

-          Comprehensive Deployment options

  • As a Facebook app
  • As a Survey Micorosite
  • As an app that runs inside Facebook’s Mobile App
  • As a mobile web application


The comprehensive and self sensing deployment technology used by the VOC Survey platform means that your participants can engage with you on their platform and environment of choice, allowing you to get higher response rates and input from the greatest spectrum of your consumers.

Dynamic Multiple Choice Question

A unique question type developed by Vocanic is a powerful tool allowing you to ask discovery oriented questions

-          Who

-          What

-          Where

-          When

-          Why

-          How

The dMCQ simultaneously and automatically gathers new ideas from the participants and tests them to get quantitative score of the relative appeal of each of the new ideas.  Simply put, it combines the qualitative discovery you would get from an focus group with the testing from a quantitative study in a single step.

Users are presented with a selection of 7 ideas drawn by the sampling algorithm from the ideas pool, they can select (to determine popularity) and rank (to determine importance).  Additionally they can enter their own ideas in response to the question, which, after moderation, is added to the ideas pool to be sampled out to other participants for testing.