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Social Brand Audit

Social-Brand-AuditThe Social Brand Audit consists of a sequence of steps to acquire and analyse the correct information to develop the correct strategy and implementation for your company to participate successfully in Social Media.

The key steps in a Social Brand Audit involve:
-          Stakeholder Interviews/Workshops
-          Advocacy-assessment (Quantitative)
-          Consumer’s View of the brand (Qualitative)
-          Content and Competitor Analysis

Using this information we then develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation program.

Key Stakeholder Interviews
Since Social Media impacts and can benefit all aspects of business we conduct a sequence of Stakeholder Interviews covering business functions such as
-          Product Innovation and Development
-          Marketing and Communications
-          Sales, Retail and Distribution
-          Customer Support / After Sales Service
-          Research and Insight
-          HR
-          Finance
-          Operations
-          Legal
-          etc

During this process we look for
-          Key Business Challenges & Opportunities for each function
-          Internal and interdepartmental business processes
-          Assets and resources
-          Culture
-          Skill/knowledge levels around Social Media

The result of this process is a deep understanding of the business, the challenges and opportunities it faces, the resources available and internal business processes.

We overlay this with our knowledge of how Social Media can be used to address these challenge and opportunities, what resources will be needed and how business processes need to be adapted to allow the business to operate in the fast paced world of Social Media where opportunities and crisis can appear and need response in hours rather than in days.


Advocacy Assessment

Advocacy-assesmentPioneered by Bain and Company, NPS © (Net Promoter Score) is the metric that most strongly correlates to success for brands. It measures your company’s performance in earning recommendation from your customers. Bain & Co show conclusively that brands with high NPS© scores outperform their rivals in the market in terms of growth & profitability.  It is a strong predictive indicator of ROI.

As part of the Social Brand Audit, Vocanic will determine your business’ NPS© to both establish a quantitative pre-program baseline benchmark for your brand, and to understand your business’ current position in the market amongst your competitor set.


Consumer’s View of the Brand

ConsumerGÇÖs-View-of-the-BrandThere is a conversation going on in the market 24 hours a day about your brand, triggered by the experiences that your company creates for its consumers. Unvarnished, spontaneous and unprompted, this conversation represents a valuable resource to be analysed to deliver a qualitative description of the brand from the consumers’ viewpoint.

We use the latest tools and technology to find, mine and analyse this information to support the development and implementation of our strategy.


Content and Competitor Analysis

competitor-anaylsisContent can be text, images and videos. Content can be functionality. Content can be on brand, on category, or off it.

Content can promote brand objectives, educate, entertain and inform. Content can be clustered into engagement pillars which are relevant for your brand. Content can be curated. Custom content can be created.

Vocanic will review your current content strategy and that of your competitor set.

Then, using our understanding of global best practices and continual feedback from insights and analytics, our dedicated team of content strategists will map out the optimal content strategy to allow you to balance between brand objectives and fan engagement.


Internal Change Management & Education

Content-and-Competitor-AnalysisThe foray into social media for a brand doesn’t only involve managing your points of presence in Social Media, ie Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

To be poised to really take advantage of “going social”, Vocanic conducts training workshops for your company to up-skill your people of social media and its impact on businesses. Familiarisation and educational courses by Vocanic can also help your firm put in place new SOPs that allow you to be agile enough for the fast-paced world of social media.

For C-suite level management, these training sessions will be tailored to help them understand the strategic impact and opportunities (and threats) that come with Social Media.

For middle management executives, we train them how to run a department that participates successfully on social media.

Vocanic will also assist in developing a social media policy and guidelines handbook for your company’s staff to protect your business and set out what is acceptable for them to do on social media.