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Listening Platforms

listening-platformsSelecting Listening Platforms
There are many 3rd party tools available that provide the technology enablement for listening.

Each of these tools has strengths and weaknesses in terms of:
-          Coverage of sources (especially local and regional)
-          Language capabilities
-          Geo-sensing capabilities
-          Analytical Capabilities

Each of these tools has different pricing models that radically affect their cost.

Vocanic will work with you to understand the business needs for social media listening and analytics and map the requirements onto the capabilities of each tools. From this we can then recommend the best tool or set of tool to meet that businesses need.

Next, we set up and configure the tools so that they find the relevant conversations, for your chosen market, category and competitor set.  This involves the initial setup and an ongoing refresh to update them as your brand & competitors launch new products and campaigns.

Once properly set up the data gathering, analysis & reporting can happen, distilling the raw data into actionable insights that can power your brand and close the feedback loop for your Social Media activities


Data Gathering, Analysis & Reporting

Analysis-&-ReportingUsing the selected tool(s), data gathering harvests the relevant conversations, and brings them into the analytical environment.  Here Vocanic’s team of experienced professionals look at the data from the point of view of completeness and data quality. Next, it is manually processed for sentiment and the analytics process then distils the data into insight, extracting the salient points, key themes and developing recommendations.

Depending on volume and time-criticality, this process can be executed on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly frequency.


Social Media Crisis Monitoring

Social-Media-Crisis-MonitoringA Social Media Crisis can happen at any time, and unfortunately are increasing in frequency.  Brands and businesses can be caught off guard, without the knowledge and internal processes to manage the issue properly.  This leaves the brand exposed to significant reputation damage and risk.

A Social Media Crisis can appear as a simple comment, photo or video on any Social Media platform, and can quickly escalate into a Social Media Crisis which could have been averted or mitigated if spotted early and managed properly.

It is therefore critical for a brand to have both the monitoring and standard operating processes in place to quickly identify and mange issues that have the potential to develop into crisis.

Vocanic’s methodology and approach looks at issues and scores them from multiple perspectives such as velocity, trajectory and contagion to allow for an effective Social Media Crisis prevention procedure to be triggered in order to minimise the potential negative impact on the brand and business.

Processed through a seamless collaboration between our analytics team and community management team – because of their daily interaction with fans – we are thus able to efficiently pick out trends, topics, keywords and more that help us pick out potential threats.