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Community Management

community-managementThrough the reach of Social Media, what the Community Managers do often has equivalent reach of a traditional ATL campaign – they truly are the voice of your brand.  Often undervalued as a success ingredient to Social Media, good Community Management is, in reality, key.

Proactive, engagement Community Management
With the wealth of data and insights available for each post/tweet, community management has become as much science as it is art.  Good community management drives engagement and conversation, developing relationship, altering and refining perception and creating affinity for the brand.

Our team of dynamic community managers are responsible for creating and actively managing content calendars in collaboration with your brand team.  They also gathering insights & performance data to guide the evolution of the content strategy to keep it current with the ever changing trends in Social.

Re-active, response Community Management
72% of people who get prompt response in Social Media are likely to recommend that brand to their friends, only 19% will recommend if they are ignored.

Increasingly consumers turn to Social Media to ask questions, give suggestions, and to complain or compliment.  Many companies are seeing a decline in their traditional call centre volume whilst seeing a huge increase in interaction on the Social Media Properties.

This makes it imperative that brands perform well in this field.

Our team can provide first line response to fans with questions and manage the escalation of questions and sourcing of answers from your organisation.  We have technology, processes and management to allow your brand to create a positive impression from each interaction in Social. During business hours, extended hours or even 24/7.