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Local social agency Vocanic announces four new clients over the months of August and September. The new clients include FMCG brand Perfect Italiano, single malt whisky brand The Singleton and blended whisky juggernaut Johnnie Walker. Vocanic also begins its professional association with national statutory board, The People’s Association, a joint client with GroupM and its Central Media Services (CMS) division.

Vocanic will be responsible for content strategy and production, as well as community management for Perfect Italiano, The Singleton and Johnnie Walker, and will lead pivotal social media campaigns surrounding the themes of social cohesion and racial harmony for The People’s Association.

Perfect Italiano

Perfect Italiano

The wins represent an extension of Vocanic’s existing working relationship with Fonterra, the New Zealand-based dairy co-operative that holds Perfect Italiano, Diageo, the world-renowned producer of spirits including The Singleton, and Moët Hennessy Diageo, whose wide portfolio includes Johnnie Walker. It also marks the agency’s first step into the public sector with The People’s Association.


Niky Sakhrani, Vocanic’s business development director, attributed the multi-industry wins to Vocanic’s legacy in the Singapore market. “We’re known for some high profile work in the Singapore market, and have established very positive relationships with these clients,” she said. “We brought these learnings into our pitches, maintaining a good level of communication with the client.”

Vocanic Account Director Tramaine Teo, who led the pitches for Perfect Italiano, The Singleton and Johnnie Walker added that Vocanic’s drive and ambition was highly critical, saying, “The passion and motivation behind those presentations demonstrated to the clients our hunger for their success, which paved our way in.”

Johnnie Walker

These wins mark a successful start to new CEO Shreeniwas Iyer’s tenure. As Ms Sakhrani pointed out, “We’re definitely not resting on our laurels. We’re constantly working to expand our reach – not just in Singapore, but across the region. The kind of creative, social and digital solutions that Vocanic provides will push brands that work with us to the forefront of the modern, super-connected marketplace.”

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The state-of-the-art partnership will allow customers to combine the prowess of VSocial and 20/Twenty all on one dashboard


Singapore, 2016-Oct-04 — Circus Social, a leading social data analytics company in Asia, announced today a groundbreaking product integration with Vocanic, Asia’s largest full service social media marketing agency offering customers a full suite of social media management capabilities.

This collaboration allows clients to enjoy the best of Circus Social’s 20/Twenty, a next-generation social intelligence platform, and Vocanic’s VSocial, an enterprise social media marketing suite, all under one roof and on either of platforms.

Customers of both platforms now have the chance to listen to and analyse powerful social and news data through 20/Twenty, and use VSocial’s superior publishing features to publish and manage their social presence.

“We are excited about the opportunities this integration will present to clients,” Shreeniwas Iyer, CEO at Vocanic, said. “This enables clients to enjoy a platform that goes across the social spectrum, including listening, proactivity, publishing, engagement and Social CRM. Circus Social has a wonderful product that greatly compliments the capabilities of VSocial. We are delighted about the prospect of accessing new markets and prospective clients through this partnership with Circus Social.”

Ram Bhamidi, CEO at Circus Social, added: “This partnership is unique because it leverages on the social intelligence and data analytics capabilities of Circus Social as well as the publishing and collaboration features of VSocial. This means we now have joint big data capabilities to create really compelling offers for customers of both companies.”

Some of the innovative new features include a full social CRM capability that allows brands to search for and track their customers in real-time through ‘Listen in Social & Key Opinion Leaders’, store details and interaction histories in the Data Warehouse, and schedule content optimized for them through learnings from the Social & Behavioural Profile Insights tool.

About Circus Social Pte. Ltd

Circus Social is a social data analytics company that specializes in digital & social intelligence and analytics platforms. With offices in Singapore and Bangalore, India, Circus Social offers a full suite of social analytics services, including but not limited to, social media & digital listening and monitoring, analytics and reporting, and social intelligence and predictive technology.

Our solutions include:

20/Twenty: 20/Twenty is the world’s most comprehensive social intelligence platform that helps marketers make better business decisions by collecting, augmenting and integrating social, online, offline and premium News with Dow Jones Factiva, on one easy-to-use platform.
Beacon: our proprietary predictive algorithm that allows brands to spot and predict crises, leads and queries.

For more information, visit:

About Vocanic

Vocanic, founded in 2005, is Asia’s leading business focused on Social Media. With capabilities in Strategy, Digital Solutions and Creative, Singapore headquartered Vocanic has offices in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. Operating under the GroupM umbrella, Vocanic can roll out regional programs with on the ground support for each major market.

VOCANIC supports clients to develop and implement strategies that deliver measurable business benefits. Offering services in Social Media Asset Management, Social CRM and Social Media Crisis Management, VOCANIC develops custom branded content designed especially for the social era.

For more information, visit:

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Vocanic Thailand’s Got Talent, Definitely

Early 2015, the team at Vocanic Thailand was engaged by internationally renowned shampoo brand, Clear, to create branded content in tandem with popular talent show Thailand’s Got Talent. The client wanted extensive reach and impressions. It was a rather daunting challenge – with the content market as saturated as it is, Vocanic Thailand had to ensure that viewers were engaging with the Clear brand above all the other brands that push out content on a regular basis.

“The combination of good content and a strategically timed release played an important part in driving huge organic reach,” commented Poppy.

In less than 24 hours, the video garnered more than 3 million views, from a reach of over 6 million. Overall engagement shot above 252000 interactions overnight.

Clear Connections - Thailand's Got Talent Clear Connections - Thailand's Got Talent

Facing and hurdling challenges like these have very much become Vocanic’s raison d’être, as we step into the forefront of the digital content market.

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What’s APP-ening? with Shelby Sekar

Every month, we sit with Vocanic staff and partners to see what they get up to in the mobile realm. This month, we chat with Vocanic Singapore’s very own Shelby Sekar. The Account Manager uses apps for everything from personal banking to entertainment, but she also uses them to keep herself sharp in a fast-paced industry.


What’s your current favourite app?

Shelby: Elevate. It’s a brain training app consisting of games and challenges that test your mathematical, linguistic, logical, and mental processing abilities, among others. The games are really fun, the UX is fluid and the interface is really lovely. Every day you get a set of three different games from their database that trains your brain. I’ve been reminded of words that I’ve not used in some time and even learnt a new way to calculate percentages quickly in my head.


If you were given a chance to create an app, what kind of app would you produce?

Shelby: An actual wheel of food for all those indecisive moments when no one can decide what to eat. You spin a wheel, and via geolocation, it presents an option, with a breakdown of the price, ratings, menu items, plus instructions on how to get there. I know there are food recommendation apps like this but you usually need to know what food you want to search for first. This would be for all those moments when you have NO idea what to eat. 

If you could delete 3 of the pre-existing apps that your phone comes with, which ones would you delete?


Firstly, Apple Watch. Hello, I don’t own an Apple Watch – why do I need this?

Secondly, Safari: Google Chrome FTW!

And finally Podcasts. Do people still do these things?

What’s the one app you’d recommend everyone to use?

Shelby: ELEVATE! I think you’ll like it if you try it. It’s as addictive as a cerebral workout.

If you’re allowed to have only one app for the rest of your life, which one will you choose?

Shelby: App Store!! So I can download MORE APPS! Hahahaha.

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Shreeniwas Iyer has been named the new CEO for VOCANIC Asia Pacific

shreeniShreeniwas (Shreeni) is CEO at Vocanic where he heads Strategy, Business Development and Operations across all markets. Shreeni was previously CTO at Vocanic between 2010 and 2016. Prior to Vocanic, Shreeni worked at multiple technology product development roles including Trilogy and Yahoo!
Shreeni has over 12 years’ experience in building and operating technology projects, with the recent 6 years in marketing technology including Products, Campaigns or Applications. Shreeni has a Bachelor’s degree in CS from University of Delhi, a Master’s degree in CS from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) and a Diploma in Business from Symbiosis International University. Originally from India, he has been based in Singapore since 2009.
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Edwin Kow : Employee Spotlight, May 2016

EdwinEdwin hails from the island of incessant munchies, good ol’ Penang which explains why he’s such a foodie! He has been with VOCANIC Malaysia since November 2014. Despite being a Graphic Designer, he’s also particularly involved in videography with our VOCANIC Studio team.

Edwin has an innate passion for making things happen, out of nothing. He finds the thrill from exploring possibilities and always pushing boundaries quite intoxicating. He has a passion for anything aesthetically pleasing, socially engaging and mentally inspiring in nature.

Our man enjoys eating chilli padi and has consumed the infamous Bhut Jolokia chilli (Ghost Chilli), the spiciest chilli in the world! (which nearly sent him to the hospital).

In his own words, “Being in VOCANIC Malaysia makes it even easier to integrate what I know, what I could and what I want, within the elusive realm of creativity and I am loving every moment of it. I like to think of it as amplifying every little lightbulb of an idea that lay dormant around me, just to rival the sun.”

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Tramaine Teo : Employee Spotlight, April 2016

For over a year, the assertive beats of Tramaine Teo’s heels have resonated through the walls, its sound heralding her arrival into the office. This sound is symbolic of Tramaine’s time here, representing the strength and grace with which she leads the charge in her role as Account Director.


Tramaine manages our agency relationships; both within GroupM and with external agencies. She very capably handles multiple scopes, including business development, client pitch, ideation, strategic consultation, contract negotiations and, of course, networking. Outside the office, the multi-talented Tramaine was a professional dancer, sang in a band and also plays the piano. Believing in a holistic approach to life, Tramaine won Regional first place for the Crossfit Opens (Scaled Division) in 2015.

Tramaine enthuses, “I love the relationship-building aspect of my job! I love talking to people. It fills me with such confidence to be able to walk into different agencies and know so many people, and to have them come look for me to consult on all things social.”



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Interplay between Search-Social-Content

Search, Social, Content are the three buzz words in today’s marketing world. Unfortunately, these three things are often thought through and planned separately. Different agencies are used to plan these three and these agencies seldom work hand in hand to achieve a common goal.

This Silo thinking fails to recognize the fact that these three tactics actually stand on each other’s shoulders. They are so closely inter-linked that it is imperative to plan, execute and distribute them together.

Social’s key need is content. Key distribution channel for content is social. The key role of content is to improve search ranking.

By writing high quality, relevant and holistic content, we can ensure that well executed content can support search. Social Sharing is another important way to support search. Whilst social sharing may not cause higher rankings, Ranking Factors Study 2014 notes that “social signals definitely play a role in direct traffic, brand awareness, and the overall online performance of a domain.”

Search, Social and Content should be planned, executed and distributed as part of a common plan.

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