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Vocanic Thailand’s Got Talent, Definitely

Early 2015, the team at Vocanic Thailand was engaged by internationally renowned shampoo brand, Clear, to create branded content in tandem with popular talent show Thailand’s Got Talent. The client wanted extensive reach and impressions. It was a rather daunting challenge – with the content market as saturated as it is, Vocanic Thailand had to ensure that viewers were engaging with the Clear brand above all the other brands that push out content on a regular basis.

“The combination of good content and a strategically timed release played an important part in driving huge organic reach,” commented Poppy.

In less than 24 hours, the video garnered more than 3 million views, from a reach of over 6 million. Overall engagement shot above 252000 interactions overnight.

Clear Connections - Thailand's Got Talent Clear Connections - Thailand's Got Talent

Facing and hurdling challenges like these have very much become Vocanic’s raison d’être, as we step into the forefront of the digital content market.

June Spotlight: Abriyanti Widaningtyas


This month the light is shining on our Project Manager Abriyanti Widaningtyas, more affectionately known as Tyas! She’s been with VOCANIC Indonesia, for almost 2 years out of the 9 years she’s been in the Digital Industry. If anything she knows that this idustry is filled with challenges, here’s her thoughts on it:

 “Project Management is certainly not an easy job. The demands and expectations of clients, colleagues and vendors have to be managed and dealt with while maintaining a happy relationship with the client. But I enjoy that challenge and responsibility.”


What’s APP-ening? with Shelby Sekar

Every month, we sit with Vocanic staff and partners to see what they get up to in the mobile realm. This month, we chat with Vocanic Singapore’s very own Shelby Sekar. The Account Manager uses apps for everything from personal banking to entertainment, but she also uses them to keep herself sharp in a fast-paced industry.


What’s your current favourite app?

Shelby: Elevate. It’s a brain training app consisting of games and challenges that test your mathematical, linguistic, logical, and mental processing abilities, among others. The games are really fun, the UX is fluid and the interface is really lovely. Every day you get a set of three different games from their database that trains your brain. I’ve been reminded of words that I’ve not used in some time and even learnt a new way to calculate percentages quickly in my head.


If you were given a chance to create an app, what kind of app would you produce?

Shelby: An actual wheel of food for all those indecisive moments when no one can decide what to eat. You spin a wheel, and via geolocation, it presents an option, with a breakdown of the price, ratings, menu items, plus instructions on how to get there. I know there are food recommendation apps like this but you usually need to know what food you want to search for first. This would be for all those moments when you have NO idea what to eat. 

If you could delete 3 of the pre-existing apps that your phone comes with, which ones would you delete?


Firstly, Apple Watch. Hello, I don’t own an Apple Watch – why do I need this?

Secondly, Safari: Google Chrome FTW!

And finally Podcasts. Do people still do these things?

What’s the one app you’d recommend everyone to use?

Shelby: ELEVATE! I think you’ll like it if you try it. It’s as addictive as a cerebral workout.

If you’re allowed to have only one app for the rest of your life, which one will you choose?

Shelby: App Store!! So I can download MORE APPS! Hahahaha.