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Tramaine Teo : Employee Spotlight, April 2016

For over a year, the assertive beats of Tramaine Teo’s heels have resonated through the walls, its sound heralding her arrival into the office. This sound is symbolic of Tramaine’s time here, representing the strength and grace with which she leads the charge in her role as Account Director.


Tramaine manages our agency relationships; both within GroupM and with external agencies. She very capably handles multiple scopes, including business development, client pitch, ideation, strategic consultation, contract negotiations and, of course, networking. Outside the office, the multi-talented Tramaine was a professional dancer, sang in a band and also plays the piano. Believing in a holistic approach to life, Tramaine won Regional first place for the Crossfit Opens (Scaled Division) in 2015.

Tramaine enthuses, “I love the relationship-building aspect of my job! I love talking to people. It fills me with such confidence to be able to walk into different agencies and know so many people, and to have them come look for me to consult on all things social.”



Interplay between Search-Social-Content

Search, Social, Content are the three buzz words in today’s marketing world. Unfortunately, these three things are often thought through and planned separately. Different agencies are used to plan these three and these agencies seldom work hand in hand to achieve a common goal.

This Silo thinking fails to recognize the fact that these three tactics actually stand on each other’s shoulders. They are so closely inter-linked that it is imperative to plan, execute and distribute them together.

Social’s key need is content. Key distribution channel for content is social. The key role of content is to improve search ranking.

By writing high quality, relevant and holistic content, we can ensure that well executed content can support search. Social Sharing is another important way to support search. Whilst social sharing may not cause higher rankings, Ranking Factors Study 2014 notes that “social signals definitely play a role in direct traffic, brand awareness, and the overall online performance of a domain.”

Search, Social and Content should be planned, executed and distributed as part of a common plan.