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The Worlds’ Finest Cognac

Vocanic Malaysia had the privilege of working with a remarkable brand and home to the world’s finest cognac, Hennessy. Hennessy has been cultivating its appeal among urban youth by offering vibrant and high energy events such as the annual H-Artistry event – a famed global music campaign that promotes the art of mixing various genres and blending the talents of the world’s best artistes. It’s about pure unification: mixing sound, visual innovation and the premium Hennessy cognac experiences in different countries around the world to stay connected with their younger consumers.

Services Offered

Besides connecting with fans during the H-Artistry events, social media also plays a vital role to capture the attention of their consumers and a platform for them to focus on building brand knowledge, loyalty, and advocacy. With that in mind, Vocanic played a key role in managing their social presence in all aspects ranging from customer care, content strategy & planning and also by providing a holistic report with insightful recommendations as well.

To drive brand loyalty and advocacy further, Vocanic conceptualised and created the ‘My Hennessy’ mobile application – a loyalty & rewards programme that uses social media as a platform for online and on-ground engagement to be used during any form of Hennessy related events, and notably the H-Artistry party itself.

The My Hennessy mobile application is a loyalty & rewards programme that uses social media as a platform for online and on-ground engagement.

Users install the app, log in using their Facebook credentials and perform tasks like:

•             checking in with Facebook at Hennessy events

•             uploading receipts proving that they have purchased bottles of Hennessy

•             referring Facebook friends for points

•             joining contests on the Hennessy Malaysia Facebook page

•             participating in on-ground at Hennessy Artistry events


An Active Mobile Application Usage: The mobile app was installed by 550 users within 10 months. There are 4,038 total registrants, with a high percentage of 30% returning each week to obtain and redeem points. Users spend an average of 6 minutes on the app per visit, performing tasks including referring friends. 430 invitations have been sent, with 45% successfully referred.

Exceptional increase in Facebook fan base: The Hennessy 360 Cam QR code campaign is one of the tasks that users perform to gain points. The campaign, activated during Hennessy Artistry events, has helped the brand acquire 76,000 new Facebook fans within just 10 months, exceeding targets by 152%. The Hennessy 360-degree Cam campaign is an event-related task that fans perform at Hennessy Artistry events for points. Fans scan a personalised QR code at the venue and a camera booth takes a 360-degree video of themselves and their friends. The video is uploaded to the fan’s Facebook profile within the next 24 hours.

Forming a highly engaged Facebook community: With an average of 60 videos shared on Facebook per event by fans and 1,800 total video views, the engagement rate on the Facebook page during Hennessy Artistry events regularly increases to 15%, and virality is maintained at 8% for a week after each event, far exceeding the average engagement rates of competitors such as Martell and Johnnie Walker.

The Facebook fan data obtained has proved invaluable to the client. Marketing activities are targeted and personalised for fans using their social data & purchase data. Brand advocacy campaigns targeting socially-active fans report 5% higher fan acquisition and engagement rates compared to campaigns that target the general fan base and non-fans.


VSocial, Vocanic’s proprietary platform for social data warehousing was used as part of the ‘My Hennessy’ app to help obtain users’ social graph data.



Launched in 2000, StarHub is a “triple play” telco providing cellular, broadband and pay TV services to Singapore. Touching almost every home in Singapore with one or more of their products, StarHub is a well-recognised brand.

Range of services we provide for StarHub

Vocanic started working with StarHub in 2005 and has been their Social Media agency of record since the term “Social Media”was coined.

Today Vocanic works with StarHub on a wide range of program and campaigns supporting all their lines of business.

Strategy - We develop and maintain their Strategy for Social Media identifying opportunities for them to use Social Media across multiple business functions from marketing, customer support, loyalty, product marketing, consumer insight and many others.

Technology – Platforms

  • VSocial – Enterprise Social Media Control Center
  • Social Customer Support
  • Mission Control – Real Time marketing Centre
  • Social Hub – StarHub Mission Control
  • Single Social Sign On – Digital to Social Integration
  • iDeasXchange – Crowdsourcing
  • Voice of the Customer – Consumer Survey Platform for Insights
  • YouTube Channel –

Program Management -

  • Social CRM – integrating CRM data (From Siebel) with Social Data (from VSOCIAL)
  • Surprise and Delight – Social Proactivity
  • StarHub Community – a customer helping customer forum
  • Blogger Engagement
  • Fan acquisition campaigns
  • Product Launch Campaigns
  • Social Media Crisis Management

Community Management-

  • Vocanic manages StarHub’s presence in Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Google+
  • We provide 1st line support for Social Customer Support
  • Develop and implement content calendars for proactive engagement across all their Social Points of Presence

Social Media Listening and Analytics-

  • Using a range of tool Vocanics provides daily, weekly and monthly analysis and reporting identifying key issues and opportunities for the brand.

Social BakersOur Biggest Achievements 

  • In 2013 Social Bakers ranked them as the Socially Devoted Brand (Most responsive Brand) in Singapore.
  • Built a solid fan base and maintain an average engagement rate of 4.7%, one of the highest for a major service brand in Singapore.
  • Built and launched StarHub’s You Tube Channel
  • Awards – together, StarHub and Vocanic have won the following awards in 2013

-          The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2013: Best Use of Brand Advocacy (Gold)

-          The Marketing Excellence Awards 2013: Excellence in Loyalty Marketing (Silver)